Gauteng Climbing Comps

The annual climbing comps are well under way in Gauteng this year, except this year, there is a little twist. Competition has been opened up to novices, opens, masters and veterans as well!! After two qualifying rounds at Wonderwall and the Barn our climbers are amped for the last two at the end of the month!!! Well done to everyone competing and good luck for the next two!


South African Team 2012!!

After a lot of hard work and dedication, the 2012 SA selection was held at the Barn. The following people were selected to represent South Africa in the 2012 Climbing world cup in Singapore!

U/15 boys:

Tristan Swart

Oliver Marx

Kathlego Pobe

Jay Jay Curtis

U/15 Girls:

Eran Waldeck

Caitlyn Seargent

U/17 boys:

Dario Hanning

Robert Brown

Brandon van Houten

U/17 girls:

Samantha Stainton

U/19 boys:

Dylan Vogt

Robin Sherwood

Gregory Oudhof

Calrin Curtis

Severin Curtis (reserve)

U/19 girls:

Gillian Bester

Watch this space for interviews with each of the team members!