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The fist of the four lead comps was held at the new climbing wall at the OMSH, Wits University.

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Registration started at 8:15am with competitors eager to see what the season would bring. Paul and his team of Routesetters, had set some rad lines from grades 20 to 26, it’s the start of the season and we are easing you into it gently.

Wits Wall at OMSH

Wits Wall at OMSH

This year the format has changed and we are really excited to see how it pans out. Instead of our Open category being only those who are over 19, we have added the Youth A and Junior categories to the Opens. Youth A and Juniors will still win medals in their own categories but stand a chance to also win medals in the Open category.

Results from 24th May are below, but remember this is only the first of four and anything can happen! See you all again at The Climbing Barn 7th June 2014 at 9am.

Youth B Male  Results Round 1

Youth B Male Results Round 1

Youth B Female Results Round 1

Youth B Female Results Round 1

Youth A Male Results Round 1

Youth A Male Results Round 1

Youth A Female Results Round 1

Youth A Female Results Round 1

Veteran Results Round 1

Veteran Results Round 1

Open Male Results Round 1

Open Male Results Round 1

Open Female Results Round 1

Open Female Results Round 1

Novice Results Round 1

Novice Results Round 1

Junior Female Results Round 1

Junior Female Results Round 1

Primary School Competition Season 2014

31 March 2014

Membership Structure & Information re Competition Season 2014
Hi all Coaches, Teachers, Parents and climbing stakeholders, The 2013 year was extremely exciting with a whole new crop of strong climbers coming up through the ranks. This is particularly exciting for us as we see the primary schools climbers gaining strength each year which forces our older climbers to also up their game.
Please find all the relevant details for the upcoming competition year below.

A. Gauteng Climbing Membership Structure
After a huge amount of effort, the SANCF achieved SASCOC recognition. SASCOC affiliation is important as it then allows our young climbers who go on to represent South Africa to be officially awarded National (Protea) Colours.
SASCOC itself has been going through some changes and they are fairly prescriptive as to how a body affiliated to them should be formed. This includes various constitutions,registrations of companies etc, which all takes time to set in place properly.

Really, all this means is that the members of Gauteng Climbing are now the Clubs and not the individual climbers. From your perspective each school will be recognized as a Club and from now on will have a vote at the AGM as to how GC is run.
As each school has a different structure, usually conforming to the school constitution, we realize that it is not practical for each school to register separate and individual climbing “clubs” outside of their current framework. We have therefore included a very simple two page document titled “Club (School) Affiliation Application 2014”, which we require every school participating in the 2014 competitions to complete and return.
Annual Membership to GC and the SANCF will cost R250 and needs to be collected by the club and paid to GC for those climbers wishing to participate in the upcoming competition season.

B. Competition Season 2014
Last year we experimented with holding finals for an A and a B league. The objective was to allow those kids who could not qualify to compete in the A league finals, to experience the thrill of competing and maybe even winning a medal in a different category. Feedback on this experiment was mixed but overwhelmingly positive. The kids who did compete in the B league and win medals were extremely excited and proud of themselves. The only
complications we had was that some of the schools were confused about giving out colours as the B league winners felt they also deserved recognition from their school.
This year the Gauteng Climbing League will continue to hold two finals for the A and the B leagues and we implore the coaches to advise the kids of the structure as they need to understand that the B league is essentially a step down from the A league. From a ranking perspective, kids who compete in the A league but don’t win a medal are still ranked higher than climbers who win medals in the B league.

This year we will therefore still hold the two Selection Competitions as usual and thereafter, as per last year, we will be splitting the field into the A and a B league based on the results from the Selection Comps. There will be separate finals for the A and the B league. The top third of the U11 and U13 climbers from the two Selection events will be chosen to climb in the Gauteng A Finals while the middle third will compete in the B finals.
In order to determine the best school the results from the A and the B league will be added together with a slightly higher weighting factor given to the A league to “balance the books”.

The top placed U11 and U13 climbers in each league will be awarded medals.
Emphasis at Primary School level is on;
· Safety
· Participation
· Interaction
· Learning
· Enjoyment

Schools / Club Competition
The Gauteng Selection events are designed as a team competition wherein the best Gauteng Boys and/or Girls schools or club team will be awarded the trophy for best team performance.
· A maximum of 10 climbers per team are allowed. Schools can however enter more than one team and there is no restriction on the number of competitors.
· Teams may be a mixed Girls / Boys team or separate Boys or Girls only team.

Individual Competition
The Gauteng Selection Competitions are also designed as a basis from which to select U13 representatives to compete in the South African Nationals, hosted by the SANCF on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th October 2014. As per last year, the top 5 at the GC A League finals may not necessarily be the final team to represent GC at the Nationals and GC may require the shortlisted squad to qualify to represent GC at further comps to be held prior to

This year the S. A. Nationals will take place in Cape Town. We will distribute an information booklet providing in depth information closer to the time. Please ensure that the kids diarize this date well in advance.
As a general rule, whilst U13 climbers may be selected for the Gauteng team the U11’s will not be competing at the Nationals and are therefore, under ordinary circumstances, not eligible for selection.

It is however important that we start exposing the U11 age group to the competitive environment so that they develop a level of comfort and confidence when competing in years to come. In addition, including an U11 age group also allows us to identify potential
early on.
It is also important to the GC to encourage the younger U11 climbers to stick with the sport and to this end, recognition will be given to the top U11’s in the form of medals, prizes, trophy’s or certificates.
Climbers may enter as independents if they are not affiliated to a school or club.

Age Groups
Climbers born in 2001 and 2002 are considered U13 and anyone born in 2003 and after is considered U11. Kids born before 2001 will be ineligible for the Gauteng and National U13 team as they fall into the U15 bracket. They would have to climb in the high school comps to be chosen there.

Relevant Dates and Times for 2014 comps
The dates for the various comps are;
· Selection Comp 1 Friday 30th May / Saturday 31st May WonderWall
· Selection Comp 2 Friday 20th June / Saturday 21st June WonderWall
· Gauteng Finals B Friday 25th July (B League) To be advised
· Gauteng Finals A Friday 1st August (A League) To be advised
S.A. Nationals Sat 4th / Sun 5th October (provisional) CAPE TOWN

NB: We trust you have enough advance notice and ask that you circulate these dates to all your parents, schools sports administrators and anyone else responsible for planning of sporting events in order to avoid any clashes.
As in previous years you will notice that we hold the comps over two days. This is to allow schools and climbers who may have fixtures on either of the dates, the flexibility to select a day that suits them best.

Pre- Registration and Registration at the Venue
We need to plan ahead for the day of the comp by getting a sense of the numbers to expect. On top of this, the day of the comp is always administratively busy and to ensure the event runs smoothly we need to save time where possible. Closer to the time you will be asked to pre-register your climbers by completing a registration form. It’s also not super critical if a climber who has registered does not make it on the day or vice-versa, as we
can deal with it at the time.

Physical Registration of climbers will take place between 1:30pm and 2:00pm for the Friday sessions and between 9:00am and 9:30 am for the Saturday sessions.
End times for the two Selection comps are envisaged to be at 5:30pm on Friday’s and around 1:00pm Saturday.

Venues and Costs
The two Selection comps and Finals A will be held at WonderWall in Kya Sands. A map to WonderWall and contact details can be downloaded from their website at
The B Finals will be held at RockFit in Kramerville, Sandton. Directions and contact details can be found at

A registration fee for two selection comps and the Finals will be charged to compensate the venues for the use of their facilities. These fees will be communicated well in advance but we do not expect them to differ significantly from last year’s fees.
Both venues supply snacks and drinks. It’s is always advisable to bring some camping chairs along as seating can be limited.

Abridged Competition Rules and Format
The unabridged rules will be forwarded in advance of the comps allowing you to time to familiarize the kids with it before the day of the competition.
In any event, on the day of the comp, the kids will be taken through the rules in a clear and concise manner and any questions and areas of uncertainty will be dealt with on the day prior to climbing.

However, everyone should be familiar with the basic rules and procedures as follows;
· Routes will be clearly marked and labeled with colored tape.
· Scoring is based on the highest grip reached.
· Each climber will have to climb 4 routes on top rope in the first two selection comps.
The format for the finals may differ but will be given to the finalists well in advance.
· Routes remain the same over the Friday and Saturday split and climbers competing on Fridays are asked to keep the route information to themselves and may be disqualified if found to be actively sharing information with the intent of assisting another climber prior to the day of the competition.
· Independent judges will score each route.
· A climber’s score is calculated as the average across all 4 routes. There is a specific formula which we use to ensure this is fair.

Equipment Required
GC will provide the ropes and each climber / club or school must provide their own shoes, helmets, harnesses and chalk bags.

Safety and GC minimum requirements
Safety is paramount and to this end all climbers are required to wear helmets on the routes specified by GC. This may not be a requirement for all routes and GC retains the right in its sole discretion to determine which routes require the use of helmets.
Proficient and safe Belayers will be selected by GC who will be overseen by a safety officer.
Belayers will double check that the climber’s figure of 8 knot is correctly tied into their harness.
Climbers who are unable to correctly tie their knot will have the belayer tie the knot correctly and will be penalized via a deduction of points.

Missing a Competition
Ideally all the climbers should attend both of the preliminary comps on their designated days. There are many reasons why this would be best, not the least of which is being part of the team and the spirit that goes with it. However, we also recognize that circumstances change due to conflicting schedules and emergencies. In order to allow for this eventuality the following will apply;

1. Should a climber, for a valid reason, not be able to attend the competition on the date assigned to their school they may by pre-arrangement swap to the alternate day for that comp
2. Should a climber not be able to attend one of the comps on either of the days available, for a valid reason, then, at their coach’s discretion, they can carry through their score from one event towards participation in the finals.
3. Climbers selected for the finals may not miss this competition and should there be a possibility of this, we would appreciate you advising us in advance so that we can award the opportunity to another climber.
4. Please note that any special arrangements to change dates etc needs to be made with us by the end of the Wednesday prior to the competition, in order to allow us to plan correctly.
5. The GC reserves the right to adjudge on the “validity” of reasons provided for any special dispensations as contemplated in 1. and 2. above.

Dress Code
The dress code will be dictated by the school or club represented by the climber.

Documentation Required
In order to compete in GC Selection comps climbers will need to be paid up members of Gauteng Climbing (GC) and have the following documents completed;
· GC / WonderWall Indemnity Form
· GC Parents Code of Conduct
· GC Climbers Code of Conduct

We wish your boys and girls all the best but more importantly – be SAFE, have FUN.

The Barn Birthday Bash!

The 7th Annual Barn Birthday Bash was held on the 4th of February and was once again a great success! Starting at 9am each category (U/18 male, U/18 female, Open and Novice male) had two qualifying routes to begin with!

Jay Jay climbing his qualifying route

Nicolas Murray figuring out the beta on the technical roof section on his qualifying route

Marijke Te Stege getting through the overhang on the open women’s route

Caitlin Sergeant – Gauteng Youth Pocket Rocket!

After a quick lunch of boerie rolls the climbers headed back into the gym to compete in the semi finals. There was close competition amongst the categories and climbers had to work hard to make it into the final.

Tristan Swart entering the roof of the U/18s route

Rachel Sealy-Fisher clipping on the technical girls U/18 route

Devin Murray shaking out on his final route

Sabrina Veiga climbing outstandingly for her first lead comp!

AJ concentrating on the clip of his final route

As much as it was a friendly competition there was still prizes to be given away…

Open men: 1st: Robin Sherwood, 2nd: Severin Curtis who unfortunately had to leave before prize giving, 3rd: Arnold de Beer

Mens Novice: 1st: Christian Behr, 2nd: Carl Burth-Durham, 3rd: Dylan Johnson

U/18 male: 1st: Tristan Swart, 2nd: Devin Murray 3rd: AJ Bosman

U/18 female: 1st: Caitlyn Sergeant, 2nd: Sabrina Veiga, 3rd: Rachel Sealy-Fisher

Open women: 1st: Gillian Bester, 2nd: Julia Worfel, 3rd: Marijke Te Stege

Thank you so much to Paul Bruyere for hosting this event and staying up all night to set the amazing quality routes they we always have look forward to! Thank you to the following sponsors of prizes: 5.10, So-ill, Edelrid and Mad rock

And then it was time to relax…..and enjoy some slacklining